Virtual - Online - Telemedicine

Physical Therapy - Virtual - Telemedicine

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), defines telehealth as the use of electronic technology to remotely provide healthcare services & information. Recently, telehealth has gained attention by patients and providers by allowing for more flexibility in providing essential healthcare.

The Facts about Telehealth Physical Therapy


Communication with your physical therapist is easily achieved from the comfort of your own home. If you have a difficult time leaving your house due to lack of transportation, time constraints, new injury or, in times such as these, when it is recommended to stay home, you can still have access to your physical therapist.


You can communicate faster and easier with your healthcare provider. Your physical therapist can set up a home exercises program after assessing you through telehealth and make recommendations on your home environment.


We continue to treat you as a whole and not just the symptom. Whether you visit us in our clinic, schedule a telehealth appointment, or are doing a combination of both, your appointment will include a comprehensive assessment with an individualized plan of care tailored to your needs. You can count on us to help you achieve your health & wellness goals.

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